The Australian Government is providing $1.6 billion to amplify Australia’s best asset: people whose skills, ideas and world-class research will benefit and shape Australia now, and into the future.

AEA is targeting the experimental development end of the research and development spectrum. It’s designed to shift the dial by supporting the university sector to translate and commercialise their research.

AEA Seed is a pilot program running ahead of the full implementation of the AEA and is supporting proof-of-concept projects (Technology Readiness Level 3 to 5).

AEA Seed is an opportunity to test and refine program assumptions and demonstrate the capacity of the program to deliver on its intended outcomes prior to the full implementation of AEA.

The full program will offer funding for AEA Ignite (proof-of-concept) and AEA Innovate (proof-of-scale) grants.

Main Sequence Ventures program also has funding to catalyse venture capital investment in Australian research and development and for high value opportunities to be taken to market.


AEA Ignite

  • Funding for proof-of-concept projects (TRL 3, 4 or 5)
  • Up to $500,000 per grant for up to 1 year
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AEA Innovate

  • Funding for proof-of-scale projects (TRL 5, 6 or 7)
  • Up to $5 million per grant for up to 2 years
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To be eligible for an AEA grant, you must:

  • Have a research position with:
    • an Australian public (‘Table A’) university, or
    • an Australian private (‘Table B’) university, or
    • an Australian organisation in the ‘University College’ category.

This is your ‘lead organisation’. You can only have one.

Value add in resources icon
Agriculture forestry and fisheries
Medical science
Renewables & low emissions tech
Defence capability
Transport icon
Enabling capabilities
  • Show that you’ve dealt with all actual or perceived conflicts of interest. This means:
    • you have disclosed all actual or perceived conflicts to the department,
    • your lead organisation has done everything the department says it must do to resolve or address the conflict.